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Next-generation behavioral health and wellbeing

We partner with
employers to make a measurable difference in the mental and emotional health of their workforce.

At AiRCare Health we have been dedicated to better outcomes for mental health and substance use disorders for the past seventeen years. We believe all of us can live emotionally healthy and productive lives with the right treatment and long-term care and support. Together we can revolutionize the health and happiness of individuals, families and entire communities.



Jaclyn Wainwright
Chief Executive Officer

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Andrew Wainwright
Founder, Chief Growth Officer

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Dr. Phil Herschman
Chief Clinical Officer

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Dr. Steve Proctor
Chief Research Officer

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Oswald Pare
Sr. Data Architect

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Sophia Holcomb
Health Plan Strategist

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Dave Kelly
Director Family Programs

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Sarah Thompson
Director Clinical Operations

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Tiffany Morvari
Director Clinical Programs

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Our Executive Health

Chris McSwain


Gary Earl

Dr. Simon Kos, MD, MBA