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Disease Management for Behavioral Health Populations

Who Benefits?

The AiRCare™ solution was developed to be a win for everyone: individuals, families, health insurers, treatment providers and employers. It’s quick to implement and not only improves outcomes and reduces recidivism, but also increases patient satisfaction while providing substantial savings for our healthcare system.

Patients & Families

There’s no question that behavioral health diseases put a profound strain not only on individuals, but on their families too. AiRCare gives families a reason for real hope with a proven path to better outcomes for the ones they love.


It’s a simple fact: better outcomes and higher patient satisfaction builds your reputation, which ultimately boosts referrals. Which is precisely what AiRCare does. Not only can we provide key pay-for-performance data, our process helps you improve the quality of the care you provide.

Health Insurers

Between cross medical costs and readmission rates, recidivism is expensive! Now, you have a proven way to reduce costs while providing improved patient satisfaction and reliable outcomes. Our platform easily integrates with existing solutions and scales to address particular needs, whether it’s 400 patients or 400,000 members.


The costs of behavioral health diseases like addiction have an enormous impact on productivity and your bottom line. With AiRCare you can not only improve productivity but provide your employees with a valuable healthcare benefit.