AiRCare Program Cuts Employer Medical Costs and Generates Improved Treatment Outcomes for People with Substance Use and Other Behavioral Health Conditions

New data presented at HLTH show lower costs, better outcomes and greater support for people with behavioral health conditions treated by AiRCare compared to traditional care models

SAINT PAUL, Minn.May 7, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — AiR Healthcare, an international provider of data-driven behavioral health care management and telemedicine, today presented new results that show its AiRCare cloud-based, claims analytics and proactive behavioral health program improves outcomes and reduces medical costs for people with behavioral health disorders. The findings were presented at the HLTH 2018 conference in Las Vegas, Nev.

The results of working with several large, self-insured employer groups showed that health plan members first identified through proprietary claims analytics and then enrolled in the telehealth-based AiRCare program demonstrated a significant reduction in total medical costs.  With one population, the AiRCare group showed a reduction in total annual medical spend of $1,165 per member per month compared to a control group. In the second group, the AiRCare enrolled members showed a reduction in total medical spend of $3,826 per member per month compared to a control group.

The new results build on previously published studies that measured the efficacy of the AiRCare model in the treatment of patients with Substance Use Disorders. The 12-month continuous abstinence rate for AiRCare patients was 70 percent compared to the national average of 35 percent. The 12-month readmission rate was just 10 percent, compared to a national average of 58 percent.

The AiRCare telehealth model is unique because it leverages predictive analytics and proprietary behavioral health algorithms built on Microsoft Azure to identify people that have or are likely to develop a behavioral health problem. Then, AiRCare clinicians engage identified members and provide clinical support and care coordination using Tribridge Health360, a DXC Technology solution built on Microsoft Dynamics 365.

The cloud technology allows AiRCare clinicians to spend more time helping patients and families and reduces traditional administrative tasks like documentation and identifying treatment resources. The analytics and machine learning helps the clinical team to better understand who in a given population needs behavioral health support and what type of support they need.

“While many people understand chronic conditions such as diabetes and asthma require ongoing support and care coordination, there continues to be a care gap for people living with behavioral health conditions. Our treatment model is designed to bridge that gap,” said Jaclyn Wainwright, AiR Healthcare CEO. “With our technology partners Microsoft and Tribridge, a DXC Technology Company, we offer a proactive, long-term approach to managing behavioral health disorders that is aligned with the treatment of other chronic medical conditions.”

An estimated one in four people have a behavioral health condition, but 70 percent never receive treatment. These untreated patients use two to four times more healthcare resources, adding to the $1 trillion per year spent globally on behavioral health and lost productivity, according to a 2016 World Health Organization report.

“AiRCare is demonstrating the results we desperately need, providing a readily scalable solution to combat the nation’s substance use issues,” said Dr. Simon Kos, chief medical officer, Microsoft. “Technologies powered by Microsoft Azure and Dynamics 365 like AiRCare help build rich patient record systems that allow care professionals to provide that help in a personalized, timely fashion, are an important part of addressing chronic conditions at scale and improving overall health,” added Dr. Kos.

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